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Exercise after a Stroke –

Exercise rehabilitation after a stroke can help to rebuild independence, improve mobility, muscle strength, balance and increase cardiovascular fitness.

An exercise after stroke programme depends on the individual and how they have been affected by the stroke. It is important to maintain as much movement/activity as possible post stroke as inactivity can have a negative effect on the body.

Having the correct training specific to the individuals needs will help to improve on a number of physical factors such as:

Increased blood circulation

Increased range of joint movement / mobility

Improved muscle tone

Increased muscular strength

Better body alignment

Better balance

To start training with Cardiac Pulmonary Training, individuals need to have completed their physiotherapy - and a referral form needs to be completed by a GP before training can commence.

If you did not require physiotherapy after a stroke, but you wish to receive guidance on exercise, a referral form completed by your GP is required.