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Online Class Testimonials


Thank you for all the time and care you gave me and my body these last six months. I do feel an improvement in my health and general strength. When we had to transition to zoom sessions I got very discouraged since I like the in person experience. However you slowly helped me adapt to this new way of exercising. You provided the regular verbal encouragement and making sure that all the normal check ins still happened. I guess in simple terms I felt your presence which kept me motivated at this difficult time. A big thank you!!!!


Mary Thomas

I have never been much of a fan of structured exercise so it is something of a surprise to me that I enjoy the breathe easy classes led by Siobhan. I find Siobhan to be always cheerful, extremely encouraging and very patient. She makes a great effort to explain each of the exercises, is always happy to find an alternative if there is a particular exercise that you can't do and generally encourages you throughout the class. She takes time with each of the members of the class individually and never seems to mind how many times she has to go through things. . 

Siobhan has also been taking Zoom classes during lockdown and I find these extremely helpful. In fact, I prefer the format of the Zoom classes. Again, Siobhan is at pains to explain each exercise and demonstrate each one. She then encourages us as we go through each exercise and again is always happy to help if anyone needs it. The best thing is that I always feel so much better after the class and I credit Siobhan for making the class not only worthwhile from the health point of view but also enjoyable. I hope I can attend Siobhan's classes for a long time to come.


Kevin Mullan

I was referred to Siobhan’s pulmonary rehabilitation group sessions about two years ago. Although challenging, Siobhan’s individual attention and direct feedback for improvement has made a significant difference to my breathing, fitness and personal wellbeing in general. While shielding during lockdown, Siobhan created virtual classes using Zoom. These were great as I didn’t miss out on the continuation. She also provided me with written instructions in order to repeat the training regularly at home. Subsequently, she created a video of the hour-long class which also proved motivationally very helpful. From being short of breath even on the flat, I can now manage stairs at a normal pace and have little difficulty walking in hilly country.



C - North London

I would like to express my gratitude to Siobhan Rogers of CardiacPT for being part of the excellent program of physio and neuro-physio she has undertaken on a weekly basis with my mother, Ruth, who is now ninety one, in her care home. Before Siobhan’s involvement Ruth, after a stroke and rehab, was having regular falls about once a month, which were just accepted on the basis that ‘falls happen’. This eventually landed Ruth in hospital with a nasty injury to the head.

Since working with Ruth there were no further falls for some eight months, and they only recurred briefly when sessions stopped through illness. Once the sessions started again there were no more falls, and my mother’s strength, spirit, independence and sense of fun, as well as her general mood of wellbeing, also quickly returned. I can only wish that such an approach and care were available to all.


Yvonne Alweiss

I have been attending Siobhan Rogers' weekly Cardiac Pulmonary Exercise class since November 2016. Siobhan is a wonderful teacher. She makes sure that we perform the exercises correctly and gives help where needed. She has a pleasant manner and I think is liked by everyone. She is hoping to restart the class in October 2017. I look forward to that. Meanwhile I wish her all the very best for the future.


Rose - North London

I had a doctors appointment regarding my lung condition and had my yearly spirometry test and the doctor was very pleased with my improvement and he asked me what I had been doing! I told him it's my exercise class I do with Siobhan very week and he said keep up the good work as I have never seen such improvements in a spirometer test! Well done!



Siobhan's pulmonary classes are very focussed and results-oriented yet totally pleasurable. She tailors the exercises to the precise needs of each participant, is constantly vigilant as to what each individual is doing throughout the class and issues frequent reminders as to goals, making sure the exercise is right and that not a second is wasted.

She monitors progress all the time and provides the best possible motivation to get the most out of the class.


Joe Bloomberg

Siobhan Rogers has been working with me as my Personal Trainer over the last couple of months. We meet weekly and in between times I train on my own in accordance with her advice and guidance.

Siobhan has been a real pleasure to work with, but what is really important to me and the reason for instructing her in the first instance, is her cardiac expertise. From the outset she has been so thoroughly professional, having me complete a detailed health questionnaire, checking my blood pressure, ensuring proper warm up and warm down, monitoring my heart rate during our sessions as well as faithfully recording the exercises I perform and my progress, providing dietary advice, monitoring the weekly food diary that she recommended me to compile, constantly checking how I'm feeling and judiciously pushing me sufficiently hard and motivating me, such that in a relatively short time, I have achieved both reasonable weight loss and an increased level of fitness.

The nature of my cardiac episode was such that I had lost some confidence to exercise on my own, but through Siobhan's sterling efforts, my confidence has been largely if not fully restored.

Appointing Siobhan as my Personal Trainer has been one of my best ever decisions - I really could not imagine a more pleasant, professional and caring person for this role and I unequivocally recommend her as a Cardiac Personal Trainer.


Joan Garrick

I attended exercise classes given by Siobhan Rogers from 2007 to 2014, when I had to stop due to lack of transport. These were classes for the over 50's, called "Healthy Bones". They were partly sitting, and partly standing, and Siobhan worked all our muscle groups and joints. I am now in my mid 80's and since ceasing the classes I have developed one ache or pain after another, the worst being "plantar fasciitis". And I am sure these would not have happened, were I still doing Siobhan's exercise class. I would heartily recommend Siobhan Rogers. She is very kind and understanding and patient, as well as skilled in her work.



I was in Siobhan's exercise class for about 6 years. It was one of the things I did that kept me going - I am now 85, soon to be 86, but it kept me supple and as fit as one can be at my age. And for that I do thank you very much Siobhan.



I decided to keep exercising during my pregnancy and to start as early as possible. I found Siobhan via her website and double checked her diploma on the REP website. It was important for me to trust the trainer and be confident she would know exactly what to do, and not to do with the specificity my condition. I exercised with her for 7.5 months and stopped a few weeks only before my due date. I have been very happy with Siobhan as she was very flexible in the days and times to come to me as I was traveling for work quite a lot. She's very patient, understanding and knows what she's doing! I kept myself in a very good shape and avoided putting on too much weight thanks to the exercises. I would highly recommend her to a friend!


Sandra (age 69)

Dear Siobhan, I wanted to drop you a note following my recent fitness training under your guidance. Before I started to exercise I struggled to walk, had to maintain a slow pace and rest after a few minutes. I followed your exercise system (power walk, dumbells, warm up etc) for one year and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my health. I can now walk at a reasonable pace for upto 15 minutes without rest. I can walk to the local shops (1/2 mile away) and find generally my fitness is vastly improved. Thank you so much for the help and please share this with anyone who might benefit from the exercise you offer - it worked really well for me.


Maureen B (age 74)

In the few months I have attended Siobhan's class I have felt better and regained some of the muscle strength I was losing from being less active. My lung function has also improved since this time last year. The group is relaxed and friendly, the exercises and advice effective.


Margot (age 74)

My weekly exercise session with Siobhan Rogers has done wonders for my health. Though COPD is irreversible, my peak flow is much better than it was a year ago and I get less breathless. I also have more stamina and better balance. I get miffed with Siobhan when she pushes me to do more, but I must admit that I am fitter, suppler, and I even have hopes of getting slimmer.


George K (age 70)

I have been exercising with Siobhan Rogers for the past 4 years and I can say this has been the way for me to keep fit and consequently keep away from additional heart medication. The results are confirmed by the annual medical tests.
I can recommend the routine to others.


Alice (age 62)

When I was referred to pulmonary rehabilitation I was in denial that exercise would help my lung condition. I am pleased to say that after my first exercise session with Siobhan I felt the benefit, I had more energy after the class. Over the last year I have seen improvements in my health, I have more energy to do daily tasks, I go out more where as before I used to avoid going out due to my lung condition. Since I have been exercising I have not been admitted to hospital which is great as before I started exercise I was in hospital a couple of times due to COPD. Walking up stairs has become a lot easier over the last year since starting exercise. I would recommend exercising for your health.


Janet Turner

Siobhan Rogers is the teacher at the COPD Exercise programme that I attend at St Mary's community centre Islington. I suffer with chronic Emphysema and became very depressed when first diagnosed. The method, style and attitude of Siobhan to all of us that attend, and we are a motley group, is great. She gets involvement and commitment from everyone. I've never missed a session, other than holidays, and return suffering and needing having missed it. I now know how important exercise is to improving ones general wellbeing -- for me its essential.


Debbie (age 30)

Siobhan I would like to say a huge thank you for the pregnancy exercise's. My baby girl was born by normal birth, it was a short labour and right on time as it was her due date. I really believe the exercise contributed to an easier labour and its thanks to you that I am already back in my skinny jeans!! Thank you.


Sam (age 48)

Since starting the exercise programme my mobility has improved and my over all strength has increased. In my left shoulder I had reduced range of movement but I have worked on it with certain exercises and now it moves more freely and is pain free.


Breathe with Ease Classes

Tim May

Now in my mid-70s, I have a long history of chronic COPD and severe arthritis with bi-lateral hip replacements.
Having been diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer the previous month, I joined Siobhan’s classes in May 2015, keen to get and remain as fit as possible.
The classes exceeded my expectations. I found them far superior to the classes I had  previously experienced, and excellent value for money.
Siobhan’s approach is highly competent, structured and well organised. She is very professional, caring and supportive. Her cheerful personality and positive,  friendly attitude make the exercise classes a pleasure to attend.


Dacre  Punt

When I had completed Pulmonary Rehabilitation Classes it was suggested that should I wish to continue with these exercises  I should contact Siobhan Rogers at the Royal Free Charity Rehabilitation Club right next door to the hospital. This I did and the weekly attendance at her classes has become essential.
To paraphrase Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar : “ She is constant as the Northern star “  Always on time, ebulliant, and on the very few occasions when I have been the only one present, I have had her all to myself  -  my very own personal  trainer. To anyone wanting exercises of this nature she is good news.



The link below is a poem which a participant wrote about Siobhan. Published in the British Lung Foundation magazine here